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51 Errors in the Health Bill, Letter from Doctor to his senator

A Doctor who read the "Health Care Reform Bill" wrote this letter to his senator laying out just 51 of the unacceptable problems in the bill.

New Video from local news of Cheerleader clearly presenting with Dystonia after receiving Fluzone Shot

Here's one safe alternative for your health with no known side effects...


 New Video from local news of Cheerleader clearly presenting with Dystonia after receiving Fluzone Shot



WHY Are 50% of These Doctors and Nurses
Planning to Refuse Government Vaccinations?

Read This Article And Find Out About
The DANGERS in the Swine Vaccine

By MARIA CHENG, Associated Press
August 25, 2009
And By Dr. Anders Bruun Laursen, Global Research
August 20, 2009

NEWS BRIEF: "Half of Hong Kong health workers reject swine flu shot: A trend that experts say would likely apply worldwide", By MARIA CHENG, Associated Press, August 25, 2009

" About half of Hong Kong's health workers would refuse the swine flu vaccine, new research says, a trend that experts say would likely apply worldwide..."

This sentence is telling us that health care workers -- doctors and nurses -- worldwide are planning to reject the vaccine! That is hot news, welcome news.

"Most said they would pass on the swine flu shot .... because they were afraid of side effects and doubted how safe and effective it would be ... The World Health Organization recommends countries vaccinate their health workers. Many Western countries including Britain, Spain, and the U.S. have said doctors and nurses will be among the first to get swine flu shots. The study results, published online in BMJ, formerly known as the British Medical Journal on Wednesday, suggest that carrying out those plans may be tricky."

Vaccine makers insist that their vaccines are safe and tout the lack of any serious problems in their small group testings. Health care professionals are not impressed.

"It is unlikely any rare side effects will pop up until the vaccine is given to millions. That might include things like Guillain-Barre syndrome, a temporary paralyzing disorder, which was seen after the 1976 swine flu vaccination campaign ... "

The presence of squalene in the Swine Flu vaccine is of great concern. Listen to excerpts from this article.

NEWS BRIEF: "What's the Danger of Swine Flu Vaccinations?", by Dr. Anders Bruun Laursen, Global Research, August 20, 2009

"But there is another important consideration: the role of squalene. The average quantity of squalene injected into the US soldiers abroad and at home in the anthrax vaccine during and after the Gulf War was 34.2 micrograms per billion micrograms of water. According to one study, this was the cause othe Gulf War syndrom in 25% of 697.000 US personnel at home and abroad."

Thankfully, American vaccines cannot legally contain squalene.

"... the Gulf War syndrome was caused by squalene, which was banned by a Federal Court Judge in 2004 from the Pentagon´s use ... So far the use of squalene has been banned by the FDA in the US .. but this may not last long".

However, I am not convinced that American flu vaccines will not contain squaline. As Devvy Kidd stated, "How do I know what is in that syringe"?

How much squalene is present in foreign Swine Flu vaccines?

"... the Pandremix vaccine contains 10,68 mg of squalene per 0,5 ml. This corresponds to 2.136.0000 microgrammes pr. billion microgrammes of water, i.e. one million times more squalene per dose ... This appears murderous to me."

What is this doctor's recommendation?

"If you are forced to be vaccinated against the harmless swine flu (H1N1) – demand a vaccination with the AstraZeneca nasal vaccine MedImmune (8)– thereby avoiding squalene side effects."

Notice that this doctor describes swine flu as "harmless". Once again, we realize why the American CDC ordered health clinics and hospitals to report all flu -- including annual flu -- to be reported as Swine Flu!

A Personal Note From David Bay

My daughter, June, was aghast when she reported to her first job in a hospital after graduating from Registered Nurses school. The doctors and nurses on her floor called the annual flu shot "the old people killer" because it devastated the elderly after they had taken the shot. Most doctors and nurses in this hospital refused to take the annual flu shot.