This site was founded by Ken Moran, a citizen of South Carolina, born & bred.

What We Stand For









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We are organizing the formation of a politically active and organized groups of South Carolinians through regular meetings to support our state government by

  • Proposing legislature to solve current problems, protect SC citizens and their interests
  • Speaking out against bad or unconstitutional legislation and supporting good legislation
  • Challenging our representatives to speak out and voice our opinion and desires on the floors of Congress
  • Educate the public in their obligation to participate in government and protect their community
  • Make a public statement about freedom and the moral responsibilities that come with it (Remind the People of America that Bread [government food hand outs] and Circus [idle diversion for the masses] were the downfall of Rome not the benefits of Roman citizenship)
  • Demand accountability in local and state government for the money they are spending and that is entrusted to them
  • Exercise and enjoy the God-given rights that are protected by the US Constitution
  • To uphold the SC Constitution and the US Constitution on which it is founded and and by which it is insured

We intend to accomplish these by political action and the education of the public of South Carolina.  On the issues, we stand for

  1. Protection of liberty of ALL CITIZENS of USA through the enforcement of the US Constitution and the Constitution of the Sovereign State of South Carolina
  2. State Sovereignty as the federal government was created by the several states to protect the states and cannot have more power than or usurp authority over the several states which transferred LIMITED power to that government for very narrow and specific responsibilities
  3. Limited federal government and limited federal interference in our commerce and daily lives.  The federal government was not granted power by the states or the constitution to regulate the crops you grow or to tax you personally without consent or in any mandatory way.
  4. Reduced government spending AT ALL LEVELS!  We live on a budget, therefore, so must they!  Government spending is crippling to an economy when it grows without bounds and when the solution to every social problem is claimed to be more government spending.
  5. Social responsibility of the citizens of EACH community for the maintenance and welfare of THEIR OWN COMMUNITY FIRST before outside assistance from other communities is made.  If you cannot fix your neighborhood from within, it is highly unlikely that we can fix it for you, no matter how much money we waste trying.  Communities stand or fall based on the character, morality, responsibility and civility of its own population.  Lawless and immoral populations die from within.  We believe that we must empower community members to uphold and demand that the people of their community stand on the Judeo-Christian ethic of our founding fathers as the minimum standard for community conscience.  Without such, America is doomed and will fail, one community at a time.
  6. Protection of the necessary freedoms of business and citizens of SC from outside interference so that the economy of South Carolina might grow and prosper.
  7. Elimination of the South Carolina state DEBT and balancing of the state budget.  Until government debt and spending are checked, our economy cannot prosper as taxation will continue to increase destroying the available capital for growth and development of business in this state.
  8. Promote the restoration of small businesses (the heart of the USA's economy and the HIGHEST employer of US workers, >80% of employment).
  9. Promote our the restoration of our manufacturing infrastructure in order to heal the state economy and create jobs.
  10. Promote the restoration or our agricultural system (nearly the oldest in the USA) in order to ensure our survival in times or emergency and disaster as well as increase the strength of our state economy.
  11. Drafting and demanding passage of necessary legislation to achieve the above goals in the SC state legislature.
  12. Demand the removal of and resending of ALL unconstitutional legislation that is masquerading as law on the SC Code of law IMMEDIATELY whether said "laws" violate the US Constitution & Bill or Rights or the SC State Constitution!
  13. Education and empowerment of the citizens of South Carolina to fulfill their obligation to govern and maintain this great State as it was designed, the Government of the People, By the People and For the People, deriving its authority from the just consent of those governed.  We are the government of South Carolina and we must fulfill our responsibility by participating actively in government and upholding the Constitution which is the ONLY insurance of protection of every citizen in this state.  Justice does not come from government but from those governed in a Constitutional Republic.  Jurors are the most important judges setting the most important precedents in Jurisprudence and are the ultimate line of defense to the rights and freedoms of every individual citizen through their protection the individual from the sometimes improper or illegal will of the majority or government.


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