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April 16th - Tea Party Report

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July 6th - Tea Party Report & Editorial

April 19th, 2009 - Oath Keepers Renew Oaths at Lexington Green

April 17th, 2009 - Tea Party Deflation

April 9th, 2009 - Tax Revenues Down, Tax Hikes Eminent

April 8th, 2009 - Somali Pirates Attack American Flagged Vessel - Article by Ken




July 17th - PRAISE GOD for Mr. Harry C. Alford of the Black Chamber of Commerce!

Today I watched the Environmental & Public Works Committee debate of SD40 as Mr. Alford, Chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, nailed Senator Boxer as she used the usual liberal fallacy ad populum, an appeal to consensus, AND as she tried to use race as an issue to dismiss Mr. Alford's testimony.  Mr. Alford not only rightly pointed out the irrelevance of opinion to a discussion of the facts about job creation but also rebuked her racist attempt to use an opinion put forward by the NAACP as a "black" position to neutralize Mr. Alford's facts based statements.  Not only is this great American a Veteran, I feel that he is a great patriot to flat-footedly confront Sen. Boxer's disrespectful attempt at the use of race in a matter of factual deliberation.  He ferociously pointed out that he was offended by her use of "one black opinion" to dismiss his facts simply because he was black.  She used the usual buzzword, "diversity".  But, he went on to point out that FACTS not opinions matter in the deliberation of legislation.  Now that's an American who says, "It is condescending to me...I take offense to that...that you are quoting some other black man..." and demands to be treated as an American not a skin color. 

He went on to say, "We are referring to the experts regardless of their color.  And for someone to tell me, an African-American, college educated, veteran of the US Army that I have to contend with some other 'black' group and put aside everything else in here. (pause) This has nothing to do with the NAACP and really has nothing to do with the National Black Chamber of Commerce.  We're talking energy and that, that, (SIC) road the chair went down, I think, is God awful." 

AMEN.  I am so delighted to see a public black eye given to liberals for their constant and fallacious appeals to general consensus in order to avoid refutation of their claims by FACTS and for their condescending treatment of people's ethnicity as some sort of card to be tossed out on the table as a trump card.  This shows the disdain and lack of respect of these politicians for people that they treat like minority political capital and not American citizens of equal status.  It is shameful but a true representation of the hidden prejudice of such politicians for Americans.  Fact not consensus must be the guidelines for good government and proper laws. Consensus has been wrong in the past and does not indicate truth.  Facts indicate the truth in all matters.  I get sick and tired of hearing how many people agree with someone as their premise for their conclusion.  It is irrelevant how I feel about a matter or who agrees with me especially if I am wrong.  I am also glad that Mr. Alford stood up to the consistently racist politics of the left.  He is no token black and refuses to relegate people in politics to a tool of the left to be used as chits or tokens to push forward their own ends. 

Kudos, Mr. Alford..."Just the facts, Ma'am, just the facts..."


July 6th - Tea Party Report & Editorial

I attended the Florence City Tea Party on Independence Day.  There were at least 200 people present.  It looks like we have a good Lt. Governor candidate in Florence County.  We will need to find out more about him in the coming months.  Most major issues or grievances against the US Government were addressed such as overreaching in taxation, farming, health care and self-defense.  It was very encouraging to see people turning out at a rally on Independence Day sacrificing time with families to unite in protest.  Unfortunately, I feel that we are missing the necessary style of protest necessary to get out our message.  As we are the backbone of American society and the tax base, we tend to do everything WELL within the borders of the law.  So, the Tea Parties are more like rallies in public places rather than protests.  There was much traffic in Florence yet we were not in a position for them to see our signs and hear our speeches.  We were in the shade of the City Complex. 

It is time for protests to reach the streets.  It is time for us to "freely assemble" (our God-given right fully protected by the US Constitution) on street corners and in front of major traffic centers with out posters.  We need to give up the nice PA systems and concert music gadgets and turn to bull horns and the trumpeting voices of Great Sandlappers who are demanding redress of our grievances from Congress.  We need to leave the folding chairs and stand on the street passing out flyers and holding banners that cry out for justice and complete compliance of government with the US Constitution.  We need to reach more people.  The folks coming to the Tea Parties seen quite educated on the subjects.  It is the crowds who are in denial of the coming hard times in America that need to be educated.  Unlike China, we do not wish to re-educate people against their wills.  No, we wish to sound the alarm in America's cities and warn THE PEOPLE that they have abdicated their obligations of governance for too long to bureaucrats who no longer answer to the government but to lobbyists and corporate interests. 

Please, encourage all the great patriots in your towns and cities that showed up and handed out flyers at your Tea Party to take the battle to the streets.  We are in a battle for the attention and minds of America.  We must educate the public as the the ultimate results of Socialist policy and the destruction of a free market system in America.  We must not wait on them to come to a rally.  We must take the rally to them.  America is a conservative nation despite what special interests have done in Washington.  We ARE the majority and while we protect the rights of the minority, our system IS NOT designed to penalize or fetter the majority of Americans to serve the interests of a few.  Tell everyone and TELL THEM NOW...

"Elitists, communists, and welfare scammers, BE AFRAID.  We are the majority and we will be protected and our votes counted!  You are the minority and do not have the right to enslave a nation!!!  We are coming for you.  You can put your shoulder to the plow as we do and pull your weight and not infringe on the rights of others OR we will hunt you down and see justice served upon you.  We are not going to accept slavery!!!"


April 8th, 2009 - Somali Pirates Attack American Flagged Vessel - Article by Ken

While the Somali pirates have long been in the news and in documentary after documentary on cable TV for years and no nations have taken any real action, now that piracy has struck home.  However, the American response is a shameful display of ignorance to history.  The reason the Marine Corp sings, "From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli" is because they the USMC fought one of the first naval assaults on foreign soil to put an end to Piracy in the Mediterranean.  They fought the Barbary Pirates rather than pay tribute to them 1801-1805!  It was based on a founding principle of this nation, "Millions in defense, not one cent in tribute".  Jefferson and others refused to pay tribute to the Barbary Pirates which were an Islamic fixture of the North African waters for centuries.  While other countries had unsuccessfully defeated them and many just paid the ransom money, America held her stand that had brought about the Revolutionary War, "No taxation without representation" and the aforementioned statement about tribute to other countries.  American sovereignty was defended literally at the end of a sword and the canon's barrel. 

Unfortunately, this administration for whatever reason dispatched a naval vessel but has not unleashed the Marines to do their duty in the region.  As Somalia cannot regulate and refuses to stop her Muslim pirates, she has entered into war with America.  In this particular case, military force is not only warranted but established BY THE FOUNDERS of this country historically.  What a shame that in this instance where none can question the legitimacy of our use of military force, our military is not responding ferociously to send out that old message that American citizens abroad will be defended with the same fervor as they are on American soil.  It was this doctrine that has allowed so many of us to travel abroad with relative protection from the mere statement, "I'm an American".  It used to mean something, folks.  Now it seems to the punch line of an administration that is more concerned with apologizing on our behalf to the world for some perceived emotional offense and refusing to defend our citizens as the Founders of this nation did in a ploy to be loved. 

Folks, if that foreign policy had worked, then, Benjamin Franklin would not have taken a stand against American involvement in the sadistic and inhumane French civil war and would have sent troops despite his heart felt moral obligation to keep innocent French blood of American hands.  If that foreign policy had worked, John Kennedy would not have dared the Russians to sail to Cuba with Nuclear retaliation.  If that foreign policy had worked, we would have sent gifts to the North Vietnamese and not bombs.  Kindness and meekness are perceived by the cruel as weakness and opportunity.  I hope this current administration will give up the flowers and minstrel songs of the 60s for some historical fact and reality.

Posted April 9, 2009

April 9th, 2009 - Tax Revenues Down, Tax Hikes Eminent

I have been warning people about the eminent problems of unemployment and the welfare state and today the news has announced it.  I have warned people that local governments are so short sighted that they have failed to trim budgets in anticipation of the decreased tax revenues that occur when sales are down and unemployment rises.  The real danger is that rather than doing the responsible thing, cutting budgets and government waste and jobs, they will simply increase taxes on an already overburdened local economy that is hanging on only by a thread.  This is inherently dangerous as it can lead to social meltdown and civil unrest.  BUT, it is happening.  States (mostly those "Progressive" states like Illinois) have announced their intention to increase taxes.  Where is the money going to come from???  We already are being quadruple taxed on a personal level in a nation that is supposed to be operated by taxes to business only.  We were established on the premise on only corporate taxation and voluntary taxation civil taxation as necessary only for the "common defense" and protection of the countries foreign interests to imports and exports (which are taxed to pay for the cost of the same). 

Instead of settling for and operating within the budget provided by fair taxation, the federal government and later the state and local governments have expanded out of control.  They create more and more useless bureaucratic jobs that cost millions of dollars for salary and benefits.  These jobs produce NO revenue.  While Thomas Paine pointed out that a Navy was a necessary and beneficial investment because it paid for itself, local government is adding more useless jobs that only gather money by overtaxing citizens to cover the new costs.  Unlike our local steel workers and tourism workers who GENERATE millions in revenue, bureaucrats are a waste of tax dollars.  However, in a recession teetering on depression like we have now, government workers don't care about our need to have money for food and utilities or house payments, they only care about keeping their easy job with benefits instead of getting out in the job market with us.  Therefore, they continue to raise taxes rather than stepping down or giving up income.

This is dangerous.  The local economies of South Carolina are suffering from lack of heavy tourism, lack of orders for manufactured goods and loss of sales due to reduced personal incomes of local population.  There is NO room for any tax increases.  Instead, our state and county governments should be cutting budgets right and left and looking for new ways to encourage the local economy.  We need to bring this issue out and hold our governor to being financially responsible as we must be in our own families.  We must demand a decrease in government spending especially given the budgetary shortfall we already have in trying to maintain our unemployment payment system right now.  With so many workers out of work, there is no hope of increasing sales and revenues on a local level.  This means a threat to welfare and other give-away programs.  In our lifetimes, we have come to see the danger of systems that offer prolonged "free money" to people without requiring their own input to rescue themselves from hardships and hard times.

I have never accepted government assistance and I thank God for that.  However, when business taxes start plummeting, we no longer have the budget to support the unproductive.  Everyone that can work and support themselves MUST do so.  Further, I state and local governments must SHRINK not expand in these hard economic times.  We can no longer blindly assume that everything will magically get better without our being fiscally responsible and balancing the budgets.  The alternative is tax riots, abject and universal poverty, soaring crime and food rationing or rioting.  Sound too hard to believe?  Ask my grandmother who stood in a bread line in New York City.  Our parents or grandparents lived through it.  Why should we, a generation of those who had everything given to us (middle class and lower class) not face hard times when our debt levels have become unsustainable??? 

Tell your local officials, "CUT YOUR BUDGETS NOW".  We cannot wait until the tax revenue for the year comes in well short of the already deficit budget based on last years bad numbers.  We need cuts now.  We must cut hard and cut deep.  Government jobs do not support government!  They do not generate taxes or business.  We cannot employ ourselves to keep a job.  We must strive to generate manufacturing jobs and grow our economy.  Taxation only forces business away.  Look at Rush Limbaugh and others leaving New York in order to protest the overtaxation.  South Carolina CANNOT afford to loose any more business, any more sales, any more tourism, any more citizens.  We need to decrease taxes by slashing and eliminating give-away budget line items.  We need to end jobs. 

Do I mean layoffs??? YES.  If we are having to lay off our workers to save our businesses, the government must do the same.  They need to layoff all unnecessary workers as soon as possible.  They need to cut waste EVERYWHERE in the system.  These are the fundamentals of business, are they not?  Cut overhead wherever possible.  Streamline business to be profitable.  Don't waste a penny.  It's time for the local government to be operated more responsibly.  Government is overhead, I know.  But, it is no excuse to be wasteful!  The alternatives are apocalyptic, folks.  We can be responsible in government or we can face collapse.   America has prospered because we had the infrastructure and the civil morality and law enforcement to allow people to safely operate businesses without fear.  South Carolina has long enjoyed this low crime far more than cities like New York which require bars on most business windows.  However, if people have no money, no food and nothing to loose, we end up NOT like New York but more like New Delhi!

We must be responsible in government budgeting now because the alternative is unthinkable but definitely possible.  Please, call your local officials now and get them thinking about what is happening now to their revenues and how best to cut budgets early.  Don't wait to protest.  Call and help balance our budgets and cut spending before the problem erupts!

Posted on April 16th - Vent and Forget: The Tendency to Avoid Action

This is going to hurt some of you because it's true.  I know because I am guilty myself...VENT and go on without doing anything about the problem.  What I mean is that when pressure about something builds up in us, it can become painful like a blister, but, once the pressure is released, you feel good even though the wound isn't healed.  The tendency after draining a blister, boil or infected swelling is to ignore the underlying cause and simply enjoy the relief of having had the pressure temporarily relieved.  However, WE CANNOT DO THAT THIS TIME.  In life, most of us have gotten really mad about something or upset about something and once we were able to talk about it, we felt better even though we never went on to fix the problem that upset us.  Talking about it relieved the initial pressure and the temporary relief gave us just enough comfort to go back and endure the cause rather than fix it.

FOLKS, we don't have that luxury.  Comfort zones have gotten us into this problem and we can't just vent and bear it any longer.  I felt wonderful to see America turn out en masse yesterday in every state to voice with us our concerns about the dangerous precipice upon which our country is TEETERING.  Yet, as the saying goes, "Talk is Cheap".  Now that we have spoken out and the government is listening and the socialists, fascists, left wingers, media and administration are worried that we might wake up and throw off tyranny and demand a return to the US Constitution and the foundational principals that made this country the envy of the world, we cannot go back to enduring the negative changes going on in this country.  We must act.  We cannot simply do as they are all praying we will do and just go back to work and continue to foot the bill for their abuse of power, government waste and bad policies.  We have to do our job.

The Tea Parties were about speaking to our representatives.  Remember, you are the government NOT THEM!!!  You just needed to remind them of that.  Now, you have to do your job and run the government.  We have to call our representatives and harass them (bug them to death) on the phone, in emails and IN PERSON.  We have to tell them what we want them to do so they know how to vote on the bills in front of them.  We have to speak with our local representatives and have our counties cut their budgets NOW while there is still time to prevent overruns.  We have to support our governor in keeping a state budget that does not rely on borrowing to pay the bills.  We have to speak out against local fees, county fees, state fees and any tax or fee (tax by another name) that gets in the way of the profitability of businesses and the creation of jobs.  We have to do what we talked about.  Remember, yesterday was ALL TALK.  Now comes the work.  If we do not follow up now that we have their attention, they will call our bluff and go right back to putting everyone but the extremely rich in the poor house.  They will laugh at us and say, "They were full of hot air.  Now that they have vented a little, they'll go back to work and leave us alone."

Don't let that happen.  Continue to be outspoken.  Get politically active.  Folks, I cannot stress this enough.  You aren't fighting for your're fighting for your freedom.  For me, slavery is worse than death.  If you don't own your time, and your time belongs to the government, you are slaves!  If you allow your lives and fortunes to be controlled by taxation and representatives that don't represent you, you are no better off than the poor workers of Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution who were offered freedom from the "tyranny of the rich" just to be exploited worse by the communist oppression of their fellows.  Those workers were murdered by the millions by their own government that was supposed to be a "workers' party" made up of the common man.  If you don't take a stand now and finish the job, all is lost. 

All?  Yes, all!  The Federal Reserve Bank and Washington can continue to destroy the value of your currency with bailouts and money printed out of thin air until all your savings and retirement will be wiped out with a single click of a mouse button.  Your homes will be taxed out of your hands in a pretend effort to repay the debts that the elected officials are creating with the bailouts and that which you worked a life time have and to pass on to your children and your grandchildren will disappear.  If we act now to demand the repeal of the bail out bills, the "stimulus" package and force the government to accept the money the banks are trying to return, we may well save our currency and our prosperity.  But, if we just vented yesterday and are going to quietly go back to work and DO nothing, we are all lost.  As the founders said, "We can all hang together, or we'll all hang separately."  If we do not hold to our guns and demand accountability in government, accountability to the real government, WE THE PEOPLE, and demand government representatives to live within their means and cut taxes, then they will INCREASE their spending, enlarge the bureaucracy and reduce America to the welfare state that exists in much of Europe today.  I have friends throughout the European Union, so, I know what I am talking about when I speak of the economic desolation of European socialism.

I don't mean to get long winded.  But, I really want you to understand the importance for you, the Government of the USA, to do your job.  Let me quote Thomas Jefferson,

"Who will govern the governors? There is only one force in the nation that can be depended upon to keep the government pure and the governors honest, and that is the people themselves. They alone, if well informed, are capable of preventing the corruption of power, and of restoring the nation to its rightful course if it should go astray. They alone are the safest depository of the ultimate powers of government"

Folks, our elected government has gone astray.  Either you will fulfill your obligation to your family and your country and restore it to its rightful course OR you will be lead like lambs to the slaughter, like broken, weary plow horses to the field once again.  Either the spark that ignited so historically yesterday will light the fire of restoration of our country and our economy or the damp cold winds of apathy will extinguish the spark before the flame can be set free.  Make no mistake, what you did on April 15th, 2009, has NEVER been done in the History of America.  No nationwide protest that I know of ever happened in every state on the same day in hundreds if not thousands of cities, towns and hamlets.  We have never seen anything like this in history.  Don't let it be the grumbling of the workers on coffee break who just turn around after saying, "Someone should do something about this", and quietly go back to the job without confronting the problem.  Don't be the plough horse driven by a master who won't even remove the burrs from the yoke but simply cracks a whip at the broken horse who no longer has the strength or energy to resist...Take action!  Don't vent and endure.  Speak out and Act!  Do your job America and then you may well keep your jobs.

April 19th, 2009 - Oath Keepers Renew Oaths at Lexington Green

Military from all branches and all forces both active and retired gathered at the historic battlefield at Lexington to join with law enforcement officers from around the country in renewing their oaths to uphold the US Constitution and not violate the Constitution.  The press was interestingly silent on the event.  We are waiting for the footage of the event to be released as the event was live webcast on the website
They are posting their reaffirmation of oath online individually.  It is incredible and historical to see soldiers and law enforcement officers declaring that they will not violate the Constitution or take treason action against the American public.  Keep watching this movement to see what the government does as its one blunt instrument of war is removed from its grasp to prevent tyranny.  This movement to uphold the constitution may well have prompted the original DHS memo that was written under President Bush then rewritten on April 7th by Dir. Nepolitano against US Veterans and active military.  The most interesting facet of this story is that it has nothing to do with ethnicity or white supremacy.  Soldiers are only interested in speaking out about the past abuses of the Constitution after Hurricane Katrina and the future possible abuses.  They have even given 10 statements about what orders they will not follow.


We will not forget those who have made so great a sacrifice our freedom...

Marines slain in the Barbary War of 1801-1805 in Tripoli and the Mediterranean.  They flew this flag proudly as they waged war on Muslim pirates proudly proclaiming that America owed no tax or ransom to a foreign government for trade in open waters.  The war included valiant and inventive land campaigns in Tripoli, North Africa.

Christopher Gadsden represented SC in the 2nd Continental Congress and served on the Marine Committee responsible for the organization of the first Naval Mission of the new nation.

We will endeavor to place more figures from our history who shaped, founded, and preserved our Constitutional Republic, the USA and South Carolina, colony turned state.  Facts and information about these people past and present will be included.