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Everyone knows by now that Google, AOL, Yahoo and other free email servers and Internet Service Providers spy on you and share your private information with ALL government and law enforcement agencies.  In fact, most have published schedules of how much money they charge for their spying on you.  Millions of people were tracked by the GPRS, GPS, on their cell phones last year by request of law enforcement.  There were NOT warrants issued for all of those trackings!  Google is open about their data mining (collecting information about you and your searches and browsing on the internet).  They are making billions of dollars spying on you and now have square footage at NASA*.


Get your own PRIVATE Email server TODAY!  Ken is offering private email accounts through the webhosting he offers.  Just register a domain name ( and then set the DNS servers to the name Ken gives you and VOILA, you have your own email server.  You will have your own control panel and the ability to create and use unlimited different email addresses.  (Remember, this is for you only.  If you wish to set up email accounts for friends and family or charge others for the service, you will need a different account and larger space.)  You will get free spam filters and spam boxtrappers that can be set for each email account independently.  AND BEST OF ALL, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPY ON YOU!  That's right, Ken cannot go into your server and look at your email or mailbox!  You set up the accounts and passwords so that he doesn't know them.  He doesn't care who you email or what you email. 

As an American if you want to talk to a Communist in China, Ken acknowledges your God-given right to do so without his interference, opinion or spying!  He will not require you to surrender your email at any time.  You will be responsible for creating and deleting your own accounts and adding them to your MS Outlook or Outlook Express.  And if that sounds daunting, don't worry, the email control panel has an auto-configure button that lets you set up the new email account directly into Outlook and Outlook Express.  So, a few mouse clicks and you're ready to go.  And all this is just $25 when you Do-It-Yourself (sale ends February 6th). 

If you need more help Ken can do more but it costs more for the time to set things up for you.  Here is the list of fees PER ANNUM!  That's right, all this is for one small fee for the whole year.

Email Site Package

Cost Code BUYNOW at PayPal

DIY for just

$25 EML-DIY  
With domain name registration $35 EML-DR
With tech support $35 EML-TS
With everything above $55 EML-E

(If you are concerned about managing your own Email site, DON'T.  It is not at all difficult.  Your control panel has buttons to automatically set up Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to handle each of your new email addresses.  You also only have to click a single button to create a new email address and set the password.  After that, use the auto-configure button to add the new address to your computer.  It's that fast and simple to have total control of your email accounts and complete privacy.  YOU are the administrator of your email.  Therefore, any spying must be authorized by YOU not by any other organization.  If someone comes to me, I will be contractually bound to send them to you to get permission to access your site or to try and serve any subpoena for the same. Ken)

You just purchase the service here and with DIY, email Ken your domain name and he will activate your account and send you the DNS Server information.

DISCOUNT ENDS October 15th

How much is your privacy worth to you???  Is it worth a few minutes of your time to set up accounts?  Is it worth less than 60 bucks a year?  Decide now.  You can get these setup within 24 hours (as long as Ken has internet access, allow 48 when he is traveling)!  This revenue helps support this web site and much more activism.  Ken doesn't ask for donations for this site.  He offers something to you for your money.

Ken is also offering discounts on web site building and web site hosting until February 16th, 2010.  If you are using the site for retailing or commerce and not just activism, you must select the Large Web Site Packages and please, donate to Ken.  These prices are nowhere near standard pricing for commercial web sites.

Small Web Site Package (One fee for the WHOLE YEAR!)

  • 100 MB Space
  • Unlimited Email addresses
  • 750 GB Bandwidth
  • Complete control panel with freebees

Small Website Package

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DIY for just

$40 SWS-DIY Email:
With domain name registration $50 SWS-DR
With tech support $60 SWS-TS
With Basic web design $90 SWS-WD
With everything above $120 SWS-E
W/everything above & Custom web design $175 SWS-CD


Large Web Site Package (One fee for the WHOLE YEAR!)

  • 500 MB Space
  • Unlimited Email addresses
  • 2000 GB Bandwidth
  • Complete control panel with freebees

Large Website Package

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DIY for just

$80 LWS-DIY Email:
With domain name registration $90 LWS-DR
With tech support $110 LWS-TS
With Basic web design $125 LWS-WD
With everything above $160 LWS-E
W/everything above & Custom web design $225 LWS-CD

Webmaster Service** (12 month agreement payable monthly or annually)


**This is basic web master service not PHP, DHTML or XDML programming.  You can have a BLOG on organizational websites, but, you will need to manage it or moderate it.  Updates are performed to existing pages and similar pages can be added as requested with the constant updates package.  All rates are for a monthly service subscription.  You just create the Paypal subscription and your card is billed monthly for the service.  You may terminate it at any time.  However, Ken will honor the discounted price for one whole year as long as you keep the subscription!

Prices good through october 15th
first come, first served

You can contact Ken at


843-545-6577 - STRICTLY, Mon-Fri 9AM- 7PM ONLY (I am most accessible by email, but, please, leave a message and I will return calls!)

Ken keeps this site very plain intentionally to push the content without any fluff.  However, he has designed many sites with lots of bells and whistles and can do the basic graphics work for your site.  This site is plain but is fast loading in your browser.  I can make you a fancier site.  It depends on what you want.



(Check these sources later to verify)

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Google To Build Office Space At NASA Ames Research Center ..
Google leases NASA land for $146 million - Space-

View a copy of the Document being discussed on Glenn Beck's Monday March the 23rd, 2010, show for yourself at