This site was founded by Ken Moran, a citizen of South Carolina, born & bred.






FREE VIEWING PARTIES FOR FILMS - Come Screen Videos about Important Issues in America.  Don't rot your brain on ESPN and Sitcoms! THINK!


We are currently screening documentary films on politics, current events, and health issues, ALL FOR FREE!  Ken will be airing these films for you to watch and then discuss at his own expense.  We will have intermissions during the films for comfort.  And, after each film screening, we will openly discuss the topics, materials presented, sources and ramifications of the film.  It will be a lively time of discussion and debate open to the public.  The films shown will be controversial.  However, none will be inappropriate and if any subject matter is to serious or upsetting for children, we will notify you ahead of time. 

A schedule will be posted here as soon as the venue and schedule is set.  However, if you would like an email sent to you to notify you of the venue location and date of the first Viewing Party, just email Ken.  Feel free to email Ken with films that you would like to see or that you think others should see.  The next scheduled film will be "The Obama Deception".

Following that we will be screening CAMP FEMA.  A chilling look at the reality of emerging prison camps in America.  Not a propaganda piece but a real investigative piece on the subject, CAMP FEMA takes the gloves off and lets the chips fall where they may on this controversial issue.  This film is a very well documented look at whole FEMA camp mythology and actual government documents related to internment.  If you want the real scoop on the subject and actual video not the mythological video of that train depot in the midwest, you must see this film.  To view the trailer, click here.

To contact the organizers, you can email us at

More addresses will be posted as their new email accounts are up and running on their computers.