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Community Preparedness

We hear about Emergency Preparedness at the county level all the time.  However, since we pay a lot of first responders as full time employees and the county commissions are more bureaucracy than community activists, they rarely reach out to the community with emergency preparedness.  You may not ever hear of a Community Preparedness Day where Emergency Services sets up a location with all the basic outlines of their Emergency Plans to educate the public.  You don't see them always advising and educating the public in their role in the recovery from an emergency.  It is like the people we pay to do the management jobs forgot that all men in South Carolina from 17-45 years of age are the state militia, unorganized, and are subject to call by the Sheriff, Adjutant General of SC and the Governor of SC in times of emergency.

Also, with no musters of the general public and the absolute attacks by the mainstream media on militias, local militias and community preparedness groups seem to have disappeared.  In my experience as a district fire chief and heavy rescue specialist, there is no public preparation for emergencies and no coordination of the community UNTIL DISASTER STRIKES.  Yes, as a fire chief I, too, failed to call on the community to discuss their roles in handling emergencies.  We had an auxiliary, but, we didn't understand its importance or the importance of non-membership community preparedness.  We merely tried to coordinate efforts after Hugo and other emergencies "on the fly".  And that is like herding cats and is inherently dangerous to those we were trying to protect.  So, now I have come full circle and encourage all of you to actively participate in organizing your own communities AHEAD OF TIME with your local Emergency Services. 

You don't have to belong to your local Fire Department's Auxiliary or be a regular FD volunteer.  But, you need to know their plans for each emergency and sometimes, you need to let them know you are available for emergencies.  AND MOST OF ALL, YOU need to be prepared!  You need to be prepared to take care of yourself, then, your family, and THEN, your neighbors.  This process makes communities stronger and properly prepared to handle emergencies.  This is how you take care of a nation, one household at a time.  As a veteran of emergency services with over 13 years combined service with 4 department (3 Fire & 1 Rescue), I can tell you that NO GOVERNMENT AGENCY, NONE, can handle a natural disaster!  Communities take care of communities!  The fire department and rescue squads are ALWAYS overwhelmed during natural disasters.  They rely on the community at large to recover.

Folks, don't be fooled by the bull crap and news footage of National Guardsman confiscating firearms as emergency management.  After Hugo, we in emergency services coordinated but mostly supported the community efforts to dig out of the rubble as best we could.  Firefighters and rescuers had their own families in distress.  The National Guard helped us during the evacuation but were nowhere when the search and rescue began in McClellanville and Jamestown.  It was citizens and rescuers from their own communities clearing roads and searching rubble that saved the day.  If you want your community to be ready for the next hurricane, don't look to the National Guard.  It's not their job.  They are support to give us some extra manpower.  However, they don't know you or your neighbors.  They don't know when something isn't right or which roads need to be cleared first.  Prepare now!

You need to prepare yourselves to survive and then to be able to help others.  So, I am preparing these offerings to do just that.

  • Emergency Bags & Bug Out Bags (Don't evacuate empty handed!)
  • C.E.R.T. First Responder Kits (Community Emergency Response Team)
  • Self-reliance products (Emergency food, seeds, water supply, First Aid)
  • Self-reliance Workshops (Emergency preparedness for the home, Old South Living, Practical Self-defense, Health in hardship)
  • Community Preparedness Workshops
    • Digging out of a hurricane or tornado
    • Basic Search and Rescue for citizens workshops (Includes lost children and practical first aid.  I may throw in "Black Bear on the loose" training as a bonus for fun.  It really happens!)
    • Safety Hazards Associated with South Carolina Emergencies
    • How to work with Emergency Services (An Employers Perspective: Includes basics of victim preparation, security and management, basic ES practices, mindset and general information every citizen should know.)

If you would like to host a Workshop in your community, contact me immediately before my Spring schedule is booked up and BEFORE hurricane season.  There is so much you can do in an emergency that is vital to helping your family and neighbors without donning bunker gear, an air pack or a rescue harness.  The real heroes of emergencies most often had on blue jeans and a polo shirt.  The real heroes are the neighbors that reached out to help those in danger and in need.  Find out how you can make a stronger community.  I cannot stress enough that survival and recovery from disasters is not a solitary effort.  It is ALWAYS a community coming together in crisis and making a world of difference.

Again, if you would like more information or wish to host a workshop in your community, please, email me right now at

A little about my background in ES

  • I served as a paid full time firefighter, part-time firefighter and volunteer firefighter.

  • I was certified as a SC Emergency Medical Technician in 1997 and served as such

  • I was the youngest District Fire Chief in Georgetown County Fire Department history (record will never be broken)

  • I was a SC Fire Academy Certified Firefighter Instructor

  • I was a State Fire Marshal for Georgetown County FD

  • I handled department preplanning for fires and emergency contingency planning in GCFD for multiple districts

  • I was one of the few FFs in the department to train in Confined Space & High Angle Rescue and to be trained by the SC Fire Academy to teach Confined Space Rescue

  • I trained in most types of rescue and performed rescues such as automobile extracation and lost persons

  • I served in Winyah Rescue Squad (WRS) for 6 years with a perfect record performing land and water rescue

  • My brother and I were on the WRS Dive Team and taught courses in Diving for Emergency Services

  • I am college trained in Seamanship and Navigation which I used in the WRS

  • I served in major operations such as Hurricane Hugo, The '89 Ice Storm and the Foster McKissick Airplane Crash

  • I have worked in emergencies directly with law enforcement (state and local), SCNG, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Air Force and more than 15 different fire departments and rescue squads

  • I have never worked with FEMA as we contained all SC emergencies without FEMA assistance of ANY KIND

  • I have been in command at many types of fires and rescues and responded to all types of emergencies common and uncommon to Coastal South Carolina

  • I never had a person under my command injured or lost in the performance of their duties

  • I resigned as Chief of District 11 of Georgetown County Fire Department upon return to my Alma Mater, the University of South Carolina, with a exemplary record

  • I have worked as an OSHA Safety Manager for Construction companies and Industrial Companies and offer consultation to such with the development and implementation of safety practices, policies, manuals and hazard assessment

  • I have even responded to emergency situations as a Safety Manager from gas leaks to serious injuries

As you can see, I have been a sheep dog for many years and cannot seem to escape my responsibilities to my fellow man both spiritual and physical.  My background and specialty has been assessing a situation in a matter of seconds.  That is seeing all the immediate dangers and possible bad scenarios that haven't yet occurred in less than 60 seconds.  It was my duty to plan ahead for the unthinkable and unlikely just in case pigs learned how to fly.  And you would be amazed how often you will encounter a pig at low altitude.  Nevertheless, I was trained to analyze current & possible hazards and draft an immediate plan of action in under 1 minute.  This is only possible with


Emergency services was all about getting ready and staying ready for bad things to happen.  This is just as important for you as a community as it is for ES.  AND, a smaller amount of preparation and prevention on your part, minimizes damages and rescue requirements EXPONENTIALLY.  Yes, one prepared citizen is worth 100 firefighters!  Why?  Because YOU are the "FIRST ON THE SCENE".  Your action before and during an emergency reduces damages and fatalities far more than ES can patch you up or get you out of a jam!  Never underestimate the importance of

Community Preparedness


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