This site was founded by Ken Moran, a citizen of South Carolina, born & bred.

What We Stand For
Why are we so concerned?
What we are facing...FREE MOVIE



To contact a "Community Organizer" for help with starting your own Tea Party or Political Action Group, you can email Ken at

He is available for consultation on formations, SC constitution, legislative action/bird dogging and more.

Some important national organization and information sources that we support are...




We support the formation of politically active and organized local grassroots groups of South Carolinians throughout SC to support our state government by
  • Proposing legislature to solve current problems, protect SC citizens and their interests
  • Speaking out against bad or unconstitutional legislation and supporting good legislation
  • Challenging our representatives to speak out and voice our opinion and desires on the floors of Congress
  • Educate the public in their obligation to participate in government and protect their community
  • Make a public statement about freedom and the moral responsibilities that come with it (Remind the People of America that Bread [government food hand outs] and Circus [idle diversion for the masses] were the downfall of Rome not the benefits of Roman citizenship)
  • Demand accountability in local and state government for the money they are spending and that is entrusted to them
  • Exercise and enjoy the God-given rights that are protected by the US Constitution
  • ENFORCING the SC Constitution and the US Constitution on which it is founded and and by which it is insured through all lawful means
  • Networking with other Tea Party, Patriot and Libertarian organizations that support the Constitution and are politically active

Also, news comes in so fast and there is so much coming out about the growing disregard for our constitutions and tyranny rising that I suggest a list of news sites for you for daily consumption.
Daily live radio shows

Lindsey Graham says SC will get nuked if we do not attack Syria.  Are we headed for a false flag attack in Charleston?  Is Lindsey a traitor to his constituency???



Support the World Wide Revolt Against Tyranny - YOUR CAMERA IS YOUR WEAPON





28 Signs That US Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers And Prison Camps

The 10 biggest vaccine news stories of 2011


Please, read.

In order to serve the need for community emergency preparedness in every community in South Carolina and other states, Ken has rolled out a lot of Emergency Preparedness offerings.  Please, help your local community get prepared for the next hurricane or emergency and help Ken in his activism by sharing this page with everyone.  Ken is preparing a separate web site for all of it.  But for now it is on this site.  Thank you everyone for your support.

The temporary page is

ALSO, Ken is offering important and low cost services to you on special until June 7th to help you promote your activism and get out of government spying on the internet.  When Ken heard that Google had taken over email services for Southern Coastal Cable, he knew he had to do something to protect your privacy and your email.  Now he is offering a dirt cheap private email server for each of you as well as unbelievably low web site design and hosting.  Sign up now before he runs out of time.  You can find the details on this page.



The Sinful State of our Nation

As America dies, Americans escape into the drunkenness of commercialism and consumerism.  Watch this short but disturbing video on Black Friday!



Check out this eye opening film by NIA about the current warning signs in America.  It is important that you share this short film with EVERYONE!


Here is a video from our YouTube Account, CitizensforSC,
The New Face of American Terrorism: Direct from Homeland Security


Here is a copy of the Homeland Security Document referenced in the video for your perusal.

In fairness we are also making available the OLD REPORT about "Left Wing Extremists and Terrorism" presented by the last administration.

Both are available to download.  Please, print these and distribute them.  American citizens should know how the current administration appointees really feel about American citizens especially those who are concerned about abortion, immigration, the economy and the definition of family.


Answer the call to service.  Freedom is neither free nor independent.  Freedom like fire must be fanned but shielded from the winds of storm...

Non-Sandlappers* ARE welcome to come and visit with us at any meetings in public venues.  Home meetings are at the discretion of those who host us, obviously.  The point is for us to speak with others in SC and from other states who are the government about what WE THE PEOPLE should do to protect our communities and our liberties.
*Sandlappers=South Carolinians for those who don't know.  We were named that for the sand hills ranging the mid-state around Columbia through the state.


We will not forget those who have made so great a sacrifice our freedom...

Marines slain in the Barbary War of 1801-1805 in Tripoli and the Mediterranean.  They flew this flag proudly as they waged war on Muslim pirates proudly proclaiming that America owed no tax or ransom to a foreign government for trade in open waters.  The war included valiant and inventive land campaigns in Tripoli, North Africa.  (Read the editorial on this pertinant moment in history)

Christopher Gadsden represented SC in the 2nd Continental Congress and served on the Marine Committee responsible for the organization of the first Naval Mission of the new nation.

We will endeavor to place more figures from our history who shaped, founded, and preserved our Constitutional Republic, the USA and South Carolina, colony turned state.  Facts and information about these people past and present will be included.

Check back as this site will be expanding quickly.

We acknowledge by displaying this flag we may be labeled as illegal militia men according to the MIAC Report to law enforcement on potential militia movements.  However, as many Georgetown County Citizens proudly display it on their vehicles and the hardware stores sell the bumper sticker right next to all the historical books about Francis Marion and the rich history of the South Carolina Colony, we regard ourselves in good company and openly declare that none of us has ever affiliated with an illegal militia group or participated in subversive activities.  Nontheless, we will not be intimidated into being silent by Homeland Security (MIAC is a department in Missouri of Homeland Security).
Click here to read more on this report and citizen reaction to discrimination against Constitutionalist one month before the scheduled Rally by Citizens for Liberty and Ron Paul in St. Louis, Missouri.

View a copy of the Document being discussed on Glenn Beck's Monday March the 23rd show for yourself at
MIAC Report.